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“Host your Own Cupcake Decorating Parties” are perfect for any age group & for any party/gathering, whether it’s a Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, or even a Corporate Team Building Exercise! Minimum of 8 guests, please.

Adult Parties such as Bachelorette Parties can be arranged according to your theme/event. Give us a call to discuss your needs or email us at

Cupcake Parties~

You Plan it, We'll Bring it!

That's right...We'll bring the party right to you! Kids Birthday, Adult, and even

Corporate Parties!

Includes cupcakes, frostings, decorations, and a special cupcake for the guest of honor!


Children’s Parties (suggested ages 4-16)

*Apron provided for each of the party guests to wear and then take home (suggested ages 4-9); *Plastic table cloths;

*Fresh baked vanilla cupcakes for each child to decorate during the party; *Your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream

frosting; *Sprinkles and colored fondant for each guest to decorate with; *Containers for each guest to take home their decorated

cupcake; *and a Jumbo cupcake for the birthday boy or girl to decorate!

For an additional charge - we can provide any or all of the following:

*An undecorated birthday cake (buttercream 6” cake, 2 layers) for the children to help decorate during the party and to sing "Happy

Birthday" once completed; *Candles; *Ice Cream; *Plates, napkins, plastic ware; *Pizza and Capri Sun; *Cupcake Party Helper

Corporate Parties can be arranged according to your theme or event. Here is an example: Teams design and decorate cupcakes to

reflect their team, their company, their goals and objectives. (Themes for cupcakes will be decided in consultation with the company).

Each person will be given an apron and a chef's hat. Individuals will decorate their chef's hat with their team name. Then the real fun

begins. Each team is challenged to create and decorate a cake that symbolizes the team itself, the company, their positions at the

company, or another theme. Each group will be given cupcakes that can be iced and decorated with a variety of cake design

supplies, tools and assorted cupcake decorations. The group will then turn their concept into reality. After the cake is designed and

decorated, each team will create a commercial to present their cupcakes to the entire group. And last but not least, at the end of your event the participants will enjoy their creations!

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