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Little Devil Cupcakery requires full 50% payment at the time an order is placed, with the exception of wedding orders.

We do not accept payment on delivery.


6” round, 2 layer chocolate, vanilla, or almond cake filled with buttercream

Prices start at $38.00 for buttercream

6” round, 2 layer gourmet flavored cake filled with gourmet flavor filling

Prices start at $48.00 for buttercream 

These are the base prices for our small cutting cakes. The actual price will be based on the requested design and the time spent creating it. Figures, gum paste and/or fondant flowers and decorations are an additional charge and will be priced individually, starting at $1.00 cents each for simple decorations and up.


Standard size gourmet cupcake $28.00/dozen (1 flavor) *1 dozen minimum per flavor

Standard size chocolate or vanilla $28.00/dozen (1 flavor) *1 dozen minimum per flavor

Standard size premium flavor $42.00/dozen (1 flavor) * 1 dozen minimum per flavor

       Mini size gourmet cupcake $28.00/2 dozen (1 flavor) *2 dozen minimum per flavor

       Mini size chocolate/vanilla $28.00/2 dozen (1 flavor) *2 dozen minimum per flavor

       Mini size premium flavor $42.00/2 dozen (1 flavor) *2 dozen minimum per flavor

                 Jumbo size gourmet cupcake $52.00/dozen * 1 dozen minimum per flavor

                 Jumbo size chocolate/vanilla $48.00/dozen * 1 dozen minimum per flavor

                 Jumbo size premium flavor $62.00/dozen * 1 dozen minimum per flavor



Cake & Cupcake stands/plate rental is $25.00 to $75.00 each. A $100.00 deposit required for each stand/plate rented. $100.00 deposit is refundable upon return of the cupcake stand. Applies to each stand rented.

Rentals must be returned to Little Devil Cupcakery within 4 days of the event, in excellent condition, with no missing or broken pieces, to receive a deposit refund. 


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX payments, as well as cash.

We will only accept a check for payment if there are at least 10 days between the date we receive your check and the required delivery date. This is to allow for bank processing time.

We require a NON-REFUNDABLE $150.00 deposit and signed contract on all wedding orders, with payment in full due 2 weeks before the wedding date.  Without a signed contract AND $150.00 deposit, your date WILL NOT BE SECURED.

Please contact Little Devil Cupcakery if you have any questions about pricing, or need a quote for a specific event.



Pick-up for orders is available at Little Devil Cupcakery 103 Milan Avenue, Suite 5, Amherst, Ohio from 11:00am to 5:00pm,  Wednesday through Friday and Saturday between 11:00am and 3:00pm. We are closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Not offering general delivery at this time.  Wedding delivery only.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I pay for a birthday or other special event (not weddings)?

Little Devil Cupcakery requires full payment in advance on all orders. We do not accept payment on delivery. We accept cash and credit card payments. We will only accept a check for payment if there are at least 10 days between the date we receive your check and the required delivery date. This is to allow for bank processing time.

Why should I buy a custom cake or cupcakes instead of getting them from a grocery store?

The main reason to buy a custom cake or cupcakes is to be sure you are getting the freshest, quality ingredients possible.  We offer the personal service, taste, and design you are looking for and many flavors and fillings that are not generally available commercially. 

Because we do not use preservatives, Little Devil Cupcakery’s cakes and cupcakes are best when eaten the day of purchase, but will last for up to two days when stored in a sealed container or refrigerated. Allow your cakes and cupcakes to come to room temperature before consuming for best taste.     **WE DO NOT SELL LICENSED CHARACTER CAKES!!**

What do you require to save my wedding date?  **DUE TO COVID 19 WE ARE DOING PICK UP WEDDING CONSULTS. CALL FOR INFO**

We require a NON-REFUNDABLE $150.00 deposit AND a signed contract to secure your wedding date.

Event dates will be held for you through the date of your consultation/quote, and for seven (7) days afterwards. If Little Devil Cupcakery does not receive a signed contract and $150.00 deposit within seven (7) days of your consultation/quote, your date may become opened up for others to book.

How soon do I need to order my Little Cake and/or cupcakes?

We suggest you order as soon as you have decided you want to use Little Devil Cupcakery. We do book up fast, so order early!

What if I haven't decided what I want but I know that I want to use Little Devil Cupcakery?

With your paid non-refunable deposit of $150, we secure your wedding date. Flavors do not have to be decided upon that same day, but we request you make your decision as soon as possible. Please familiarize yourself with our deposit policy, as we do not refund deposits if you decide to cancel with Little Devil Cupcakery later for any reason.

What is your deposit/refund policy?

A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required at the time that all wedding orders are placed to reserve a date and product. If the wedding order is completed, this deposit will be applied to the balance owed. If the order is canceled FOR ANY REASON, or final payment is not made when due, Little Devil Cupcakery will retain this deposit.  Please understand, when you book your date for your wedding, we are committed to you and making sure you have the most perfect cake and cupcakes that we can make.  If you cancel your wedding, we more than likely have had to turn down other weddings and/or orders for that day, resulting in a loss of income for our bakery.

How do I schedule a wedding tasting/consultation?  *DUE TO COVID 19, WE ARE DOING TASTING BOXES TO GO. CALL BAKERY FOR INFO*

After this current pandemic, and it is safe to meet again, we will return to our cake consultation policy which is:  Tastings and consultations are by appointment only for weddings with 50 or more servings at least 8 weeks before your wedding. We will only schedule a tasting with you if your event date is available. Please contact Little Devil Cupcakery with the following information to schedule a tasting:

• Event Date

• Type of Event

• How many people you need to serve

• Phone Number

• Email Address

You will taste 6 cupcakes, consisting of Chocolate/chocolate, Vanilla/vanilla, Buckeye, Strawberry Cassata, Salted Caramel, and Almond Wedding Cake.  No substitutions, please.  Please have a general idea of what kind of cake/cupcake design you are looking for and bring any inspiring pictures, colors, clippings, fabrics, invitations, etc. to your consultation. We can design a Little Cake or cupcakes to match your personal style.

How many people can I bring?

NO SIT DOWN CONSULTS DURING COVID 19 PAMDEMIC.  Under normal circumstances: Please limit your tasting group to no more four (4) people. There is a $25 tasting fee that will be deducted from your total order cost if booked with LDC.

How many cupcakes do I need per guest?

If the wedding cupcakes are going to be served to guests by waiters, plan on making 1.25 wedding cupcakes per guests attending. For example, if you are expecting 100 guests, then you’ll need 125 wedding cupcakes (100 x 1.25 =125). Let me explain my reasoning. Obviously you’ll want each guest to have one cupcake, so you’ll need at least 100. Since waiters will be controlling the flow of cupcakes, it’s unlikely you’ll need more than 1 per guest. So why have 1.25 per guest? Well, on rare occasions sometimes people flag down waiters and ask for seconds (especially kids and teens). And sometimes waiters drop things– it happens. So having at least 25% extra cupcakes ensures that you’ll have enough just in case.

If you’ll be serving your wedding cupcakes buffet style and allowing your guests to venture over to the cupcake display themselves, be prepared to make at least 1.5 per guest. This assumes that every 50 percent of your guests will take two cupcakes, and 50 percent will take one cupcake. Serving buffet style also means the chance of guests venturing over for seconds is greater. So that’s why I would recommend making 1.5 cupcakes per guest to ensure at least everyone gets one.

Don’t forget to factor the following into your required wedding cupcake quantity: 2 or 4 cupcakes to set aside for your 1 year anniversary (if so desired), and 1 cupcake per hired professional not on the guest list (photographer, band / DJ, clergy, etc)

**Above recommendations based on standard-sized cupcakes

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes, we do! We will meet at the store for a consultation.  Located downtown Amherst at the 5 point stop.  103 Milan Avenue (parking lot on North Main Street)

What size cake will I need?

Our 6” Little Cakes are perfect for the top of a cupcake stand/tree and are a great choice for the bride and groom to cut. 6” round, prices start at $38.00.

How many cupcakes will I need?

We suggest 1.5 standard size cupcake per guest or two to three mini size cupcakes per guest.

Do you have cupcake stands or cupcake towers available for display?

Yes, Little Devil Cupcakery has cake stands, cake plates, cupcake stands or towers available for rental for your wedding or special event. If you would like to purchase a disposable cupcake stand or tower for smaller events like a birthday or a shower, you can find them at Michael’s, online, or other cake supply stores. 

Do you offer delivery? Do you offer pickup?

We deliver weddings only at this time. A delivery window will be scheduled with you when your order is placed. Pick-up for orders is available at Little Devil Cupcakery Wednesday through Saturday.  Delivery and set up start at $75.00 within 25 miles of the bakery.  Additional miles are charges a .58 fee per mile, each way, after the initial 25 miles.  If Toll Roads are utilized for maximum delivery efficiency, toll charges will be added into the delivery cost.

When picking up your cake and/or cupcakes, we suggest you have a clean, clear spot in your trunk or back of SUV. The cakes will travel best when laying flat. We are not responsible for cakes or cupcakes that slide off car seats, laps, incur any damage during transportation, or that are left in hot cars on hot days. Once the cake and/or cupcakes leave our bakery, we are not responsible for any incurred damage that may happen in route or there after.

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